Hello world
Hi,here is sevenever's home page. You may got a lot of results by google "sevenever", but this page is not the first right now. So my aim is put this real sevenever page to where it should be. The first page now on google is my bookmark page, and the second rank page is a rss feed from aspcool's blog which is obsoleted.
You may noticed that there are some other "sevenever" guys on the Internet, one of them is from Russia, who usese name "SevenEver". That's totally different from my "sevenever" which is all lowercase.However, I'd like to make friends with that SevenEver, just like you feel nice about some guy who has the same name with you.
Where is the "sevenever" come from?
So, what's the mean of the word? Yes, I made up this word, It's combine of "seven" and "ever". About 3 years ago, I felt boring of keeping remember different nickname in several Internet services such as hotmail, gmail, BBS, MSN etc. and decided to had a new life on Internet, so getting a new name was the first thing I should do. 7 is my favorite number, and adding a "ever" to make a reiterative word looks pretty cool. And it's unique on Google. so I named myself that. Another reason I chose 7 is because of a sense of soap opera "Friends", in which Monica have this number of sexy point.